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After 3pm Mondays - Thursdays term time only.

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IATP Membership

Safety is our number one priority at Rush UK, which is why we’re proud members of the international Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP)

As of September 1st 2018, to be a UK member of the IATP you will need to demonstrate compliance with BSI PAS 5000 through an inspection from an approved IATP inspector. This is part of the IATP commitment to raising industry standards for indoor trampoline parks, and ensuring visitors of parks enjoy an optimally safe experience.

Google ‘trampoline parks’ and chances are the first thing you’ll see are reports of one accident after another. Though many of us have them in our back gardens, trampolining is classed as an extreme sport and we wanted to demonstrate how seriously we take safety.

Risk of injury is an inherent part of every sporting activity and although the risk can never be completely eliminated, by taking responsibility and following rules, jumpers and parents can minimise the potential for injury at Rush trampoline parks.

We regularly review our equipment, rules, and safety procedures to make our parks as safe as possible. Our staff are trained monitor our park and its elements at all times to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Our equipment is custom made and of the highest standard giving you the ‘best bounce’ in the industry, helping reduce the risk of injury. All Rush staff have regular First Aid and Emergency First Aid training, senior park management hold NEBOSH (National Exam Board For Occupational Safety & Health) certificates.

Rush are proud members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP). In order to receive the highly regarded IATP stamp, our parks are regularly been inspected and graded by an independent adjudicator who measures our equipment and safety standards. After our inspection in June 2018, we were only one of two parks out of two who passed their rigorous tests first time.

We acknowledge that accidents can and still do happen to both professionals and amateurs. prepared, accidents nevertheless still do happen. When participating in new sporting activities, you should set yourself incremental goals. We would only ever encourage trained professionals to attempt complex moves.

To further put things into perspective we would like to share some facts taken from recent ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) research records and Benenden Health a leading health insurer. The list below shows the sports that are most likely to cause injuries. As you’ll see, trampolining in a controlled environment (i.e not a garden trampoline) is not listed in the top 10.

Football 18.9%
Running 9.4%
Rugby 4.9%
Cycling (track, road) 4.5%
Swimming 3.2%
Weightlifting / bodybuilding 3.0%
Tennis 2.8%
Martial arts (Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, etc.) 2.8%
Horse riding 2.6%
Badminton 2.3%

We strongly believe benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle far outweigh the risk of injury, which can be greatly reduced through proper training and warm-ups. The above research also highlights that it’s not just iPads stopping children from getting enough daily exercise. Understandably, parents admit that they actively dissuade their child from playing what they would consider to be ‘dangerous sports’.

With obesity levels hitting a new high in the UK and mental health hitting dangerous lows, we believe now is more important than ever to keep fit and stay active to maintain good physical and mental health.
Did you know for example that:

  • Trampolining is low impact and you can burn up to 1000 calories?

  • 10 minutes of exercise on a trampoline burns more calories than a 30 minute run?

  • Jogging puts physical stress on lower limbs whilst trampolining eliminates c.80% of stress off weight bearing joints (proven).

  • Increased muscle strength, firms and tones muscles.

  • Trampolining stimulates your metabolism.

  • Trampolining increases oxygen circulation to the tissues.

  • Trampolining improves balance; therefore increases core strength.

  • Trampolining circulates the lymph through the lymph gland thus cleanses and detoxifies the lymphatic system.

  • Trampolining strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body – thus improving cardio fitness levels.

  • Trampolining releases endorphins creating happiness and wellbeing for a healthier lifestyle.

We sincerely hope this safety statement provides you with a more rounded picture for risk assessment purposes, please do not hesitate to contact our Health and Safety Manager for further insight should you require it.