Our Story | Rush UK

Rush UK is a state-of-the-art brand of trampoline parks in Birmingham and High Wycombe. Ever wondered where the idea all began? Take a seat and listen in...

Firstly and most importantly WELCOME TO RUSH!

Our goal at Rush is to provide a safe family environment. A screen-free sanctuary where the whole family can release the pressures that life has a habit of throwing at us. We like to think of our parks as heaven for kids, and a haven for parents.

Taking her 3 young children to various church halls, soft play centres and groups, local mum Sam spotted a gap in the market for combining family fun with fitness. She was sure there could be a much better offering for parents who regularly take their children to indoor activities in terms if decent coffee, stylish seating, free wifi and hey, even SKY TV?

Add to that the rising obesity issue in the UK, particularly in younger children, Sam felt some sort of action was needed to help young people get active and fit in a fun way, without them even knowing it.

Fast-forward a lot of hard work, research and planning and Rush High Wycombe opened its doors in 2015, soon followed by Rush Birmingham. We like to think of our parks as heaven for kids, and a haven for parents.

It's good for your heart, soul and waistline, what's not to love?! Once again, thank you so much for choosing Rush. We endeavour to be a leap above the rest and we value each and everyone of our customers.

Be safe and have fun!