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7 Week Fitness Challenge SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGES


We are delighted to announce that customers taking part in our 7 Week Fitness Challenge have the chance to win a £100 spa voucher to spend at exclusive beauty spa Mulberry’s in Beaconsfield. 

We’ve also got a goodie bag courtesy of Mulberry’s to give away to the runner up.

To be in with a chance of winning the £100 voucher, you have 7 social media challenges to complete… 



Your Challenge…

To be entered into a draw to win the £100 spa voucher, fitness challenge customers have to complete all 7 social media challenges below between 4th June – 20th July 2018.

Play along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take a photo of:

Week 1: Take a photo/video of a workout you did on our trampolines this week using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 2: Take a photo/video of your workout gear using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 3: Take a photo/video of what motivates you using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 4: Take a selfie or photo/video of you at your Rush fitness class using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 5: Take a photo/video of a healthy meal you ate that week using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 6: Take a photo/video of a place that inspires you or makes you feel happy using #RushFitnessChallenge
Week 7: Finally, take a photo/video of somewhere in Rush Trampoline Park using #RushFitnessChallenge

Rules of the game:

  • Photos/videos cannot be counted unless they include the hashtag #RushFitnessChallenge (otherwise we won’t be able to find and like your photos!)
  • If you play along on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you must tag us in your photo/video so we can see your posts (all of our social media handles are below).
  • Please do not use apps such as Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories to share your entry as this content deletes after 24 hours.
  • It’s easier to take the challenge week by week, but don’t worry if you mix up the order. As long as you have all 7 challenges online and completed by 20th July, you’ll be entered into the draw.
  • We’ll keep a record of who’s playing and how many challenges they’ve done. After the 7 weeks we’ll count how many people have successfully completed all 7 weekly challenges and enter those people into the draw to win the £100 voucher.
  • All customers who sign up to our 7 week challenge (whether they play for the £100 voucher on social media or not) are automatically entered into our draw to win the Mulberry’s goodie bag.
  • The winning £100 voucher has been pre-paid for use at Mulberry’s spa in Beaconsfield on treatments to that value of your choice. You may use this voucher as part-payment for any additional treatments you’d like over £100. Bring a friend, treat yourself or a family member – how you spend it is up to you.

How to tag our profiles:
To tag us on Facebook please tag Rush UK Trampoline Parks – our page will pop up, you can check in at Rush or tag our page in the comments of your photo to mention us, using the hashtag. #RushFitnessChallenge

To tag us on Twitter please use @RushUK and use the hashtag #RushFitnessChallenge

To tag us on Instagram please use @RushUKTrampolineParks and use the hashtag #RushFitnessChallenge

Our 7 week fitness challenge and competition is all about having fun and trying something new, so we hope you’ll play along with us and enjoy your time at Rush.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on social media, or email us at

Good luck!