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Welcome to Rush – The UK’s Most Exhilarating Trampoline Park

Trampolining is a hugely popular activity, and there’s a reason for that. Trampolining is a brilliant way to get your heart pounding and your eyes gleaming. Whether you’re a toddler, a teen, or a teen-at-heart, having a bounce can help you get fit in a way that’s fun and feels great.

Our indoor trampoline parks in Birmingham and High Wycombe boast the very best in bouncing equipment, from long tumble lanes to high performance arenas, from trapezes to dodgeball courts. We were the first trampoline park in the UK to bring a Rush Challenge Course to trampolining. Rush also offers our infamous Rush Wipeout and Gladiator Battle Beam – you might say adrenaline (and adventure) is in our blood!

You can soar to the ceiling knowing that we have your safety covered. Although trampolining is an extreme sport, our specially made equipment and well-trained staff help you feel the rush without having to worry for yourself or those around you.

For parents that need to work while the little ones play, we have a top notch cafe with excellent coffee and fresh, healthy food.

If you’re looking for a stress-free venue for a kids party, after-school fun for all ages, or an unusual corporate team-building event, we have something for you. We offer a range of adult fitness classes and children’s activities at both of our parks, perfect for any level of confidence.

"I can't stop going back here, my kids love it and I do too!"

- Henry Lee

"I’ve been to a few trampoline parks over the country and this is by far one of the best."

- Lucy Colebeck, International GBR Tumbler

"My kids say this is the best trampoline park around."

- Rob Norris

"Had my son's birthday party there, it was fantastic. Stress free, the staff were excellent and the kids LOVED it."

- David Richter